• To streamline the practise of blogging in Nigeria;
  • To bring professionalism into the profession of blogging in Nigeria;
  • To act as a forum for interaction and exchange of ideas between practitioners of Blogging in Nigeria and the public;
  • To work with relevant individuals and corporate organizations towards raising the standard of blogging in Nigeria through consistent training and advocacy
  • To act as an avenue for social and professional interaction among members;
  • To act as a forum to discuss National and international issues of common interest among bloggers
  • To act as a cohesive voice on issues of interest among members
  • To protect the rights and privileges of members
  • To set out ethical standard for the practise of the profession.


  • To use Blogs, Digital Media to influence for the greater good of Nigeria and Nigerians; impact lives positively by ensuring professionalism and continuous enthronement of ethical practices amongst our members and bloggers of Nigeria.


  • The Guild of Professional Bloggers of Nigeria seeks to further the course of blogging in Nigeria, enhance and protect the interests of bloggers of Nigeria and the general public, our readers.